Are you caring for a loved one with a health issue, behavioural problem or addiction? Struggling to balance home life with work? Social Support hopes to offer training schemes and workshops to aid those in these difficult situations.

Whether you are adopting a child, helping a family member or struggling to cope with a behavioural problem in the home, Social Support could give you guidance.

Workshops and training could help show you how to care for your loved one and keep time for yourself. Struggling to fit in work, home and a social life can be hard; with our help you could regain that balance.

Training is aimed at stress management and relationship building. Communication is key to any relationship, even more so to that of a carer and loved one. Whatever is holding you back, Social Support could have a solution.

About Us

Social care workers provide the practical support to help people cope with the day-to-day business of living.

Social care workers may be home care assistants or work in residential care homes, and there’s a wide range of jobs working with older people, children and families and people with disabilities.

If you like working with people, social care work offers a worthwhile job that could turn into a rewarding career.

Social workers form partnerships with people: helping them to assess and interpret the problems they face, and supporting them in finding solutions. They have to know how the law works and be fully up to speed with the social welfare system. They will liaise regularly with other professionals – teachers, doctors, nurses, police, lawyers – acting on behalf of the people they are working with.

To become a social worker, you will need an Honours degree in Social Work. There are access courses for mature students, trainee schemes and employment based routes to gaining the qualification.